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Daewoo Repair San Bernardino

909-277-9053 ~ Daewoo Repair San Bernardino. 2 Year 24,000 Mile Warranty on car repairs. At  A & B Transmissions & Automotive Services we offer a 2 Year 24,000 Mile Warranty on repairs and will provide new customers with $25 off your first visit. We offer friendly service at reasonable prices to always provide you with the best Daewoo service and repairs. In the areas we are centrally located for your convenience. We complete most repairs in the same day so drop off your car and enjoy the local shops and restaurants while you wait. Getting your vehicle repaired or serviced has never been so much fun! Call the Daewoo repair specialists in the San Bernardino area at A & B Transmission & Automotive Services at 909-277-9053. $25 off first visit!

Summer is here and when you’re headed to the beach you don’t want to have to worry about car repairs. Daewoo Repair San Bernardino will complete most repairs in the same day and offer a free shuttle service to take you home or to the office. You drive a Daewoo because you want to keep repair costs to a minimum. This makes perfect sense to the team at A & B Transmissions & Automotive Services where we understand the benefit of preventative maintenance. We will establish an ongoing maintenance schedule to keep your oil and filters changed. With the high cost of fuel today making sure your vehicle is as fuel efficient as possible is a top concern! In San Bernardino call the Daewoo repair experts today at A & B Transmissions & Automotive Services at 909-277-9053.

Daewoo Service San Bernardino

Daewoo Service & Repair San Bernardino. In San Bernardino and the surrounding areas call the experts at A & B Transmission & Automotive Services known for our outstanding customer service and providing a positive repair experience. We daewoo repair san bernardino 25 coupon ab transmission auto service tune ups brakes oil change diagnisis repair check all lighting Renew adjust spark plugs Compression checks Fuel injection diagnosis Air 300x225 909 277 9053 ~ Daewoo Repair San Bernardinoprovide a 3 Year 36,000 Warranty on car repairs. Open 5 days a week and offer a welcome change to the same old grimy repair center. Our modern state of the art facility offers the best value at affordable prices. Want more? We use the newest technology to diagnose your Daewoo Leganza and will make repairs using the quality parts you’d expect from an industry leader! If you have questions, give us a call we are always willing to help you with your Daewoo or any other repair needs. Call Daewoo Service & Repair San Bernardino by A & B Transmissions & Automotive Service at 909-277-9053.

Daewoo Service & Repair San Bernardino. Daewoo was founded in 1972 with a General Motors concern and provides a full range of models from the economic 2-door to small trucks. Whether you are looking for a new exhaust system or need to have the alignment checked on your Leganza we will have you in and out in a flash. Don’t forget if you get a flat we will fix it and check the pressure in all your tires before sending you on your way. Our skilled professionals understand that keeping your vehicle in top working condition is job one. If we see something that should be addressed in the near future we’ll give you a written “to-do” list ensuring your vehicle is in the same condition as the day you bought it. Call Daewoo Service & Repair San Bernardino by A & B Transmission & Automotive Service at 909-277-9053 today!


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